Care / Cleaning

  • We are still using the final prototype 6 years on and it is still going strong!! We've never had to do any heavy cleaning, only a regular vacuum of the cover and a vacuum under the bed. A damp cloth wipe over once a year if that. It is wearing beautifully, and luckily our dog is not a chewer! It doesn't smell either. Great for summer, and we load it up with sheep skins for a snuggly winter.
  • We suggest keeping the bed indoors or under a well covered area, it is not suitable for full outdoor exposure.
  • Cleaning the cover is super easy! We vacuum any dust, dander or dirt. For smears or anything with more liquid we recommend removing any solid clumps (sorry, that's a bit yuck!) without smearing or smudging. Then blot excess liquid. Then use a damp mildly soapy cloth to wipe over.
  • Don't immerse the cover in water (no washing machines) as the tanning treatment will be removed from the cover and it will turn stiff and mis-shape. 
  • The frames are steel and are powdercoated. All we recommend is a dust or wipe over with a damp cloth. No cleaning products are needed.
  • We do not cover any damage created by dogs, or heavy use ie point loading on the frame or cover, abrasions created by dragging, digging, chewing etc. 


Wearing It In

  • When new, the cover will be as tight as a drum over the frame. We do this because the leather and linen will stretch with use.
  • The linen backing will prevent the leather over stretching. It will hit the limit of the material and the dog's weight naturally and not stretch any further.
  • You will hear the hook and loop fixings adjusting and you may need to keep checking that the fixings are still connected but after the cover has stretched it will not need any more adjusting... unless there is an increase in weight.



  • We don’t replace the product for any reason other than a manufacturing fault. We are very picky with who we work with to minimise any risks in manufacture.
  • We do not cover any damage created by dogs or misuse ie use for reasons other than a dog bed, point loading on any part of the product, damage created by behaviours like dragging, digging, chewing. Being exposed to damaging elements such sun, rain, water, acids, staining or abrasive materials, excess heat etc. 
  • You can buy a cover or a frame separately, just get in touch with us.