About us

Arvin - Old English name meaning; a friend to all
Grex - Latin term meaning; company, flock, herd, band, pack 

We are all about the relationship between designed objects and our daily interactions. A friendship between aesthetics and personal space, whether that is shared by other people or friends covered in fur (or both!) Our products are designed with others in mind, we care about longevity and investment in pieces which will age and wear with the story of your life.

We aim to create quality and well resolved designs which encourage the connection between people and their environments. We believe in 'less is more' ...in owning fewer things of high quality that will last. 

We care about the world we live in. We believe we are stewards to this amazing blue and green planet, and to all who inhabit it now and in the future. So we have an ethical and sustainable approach to our business, material selections, our manufacturing and delivery. 

Arvin Grex is a minimalist approach to a lifestyle brand with an emphasis on the beauty of natural materials, and thoughtful function.